Testimonials for The Selling Revolution:

From a best-selling author of 86 books: 

“This fast-moving, fact-based book gives you the tools you need to sell and succeed in the world of Artificial Intelligence. Read it, practice it and learn how to increase your sales and double your income.”

– – Brian Tracy, Author / Speaker / Consultant

From an Author and Sales Guru:

“The Selling Revolution is a ‘blueprint’ for professional salespeople who strive to become elite performers, as well as those considering a career in sales. The book is filled with real-world sales experiences that demonstrate the author’s balance of hard and soft skills, as well as understanding the potential impact artificial intelligence will have on the selling profession.

I have been preaching forever that people love to buy, but hate to feel ‘sold to.’ DJ emphasizes that sellers can transform into ‘buying facilitators’ by serving as proactive advisors, building trust, and removing obstacles that enable customers to buy. These are all proven concepts that I have taught for years and demonstrates that the very best salespeople rarely have to apply a hard ‘close’ “. 

– – Michael T. Bosworth, Author, Speaker, and Relationship Facilitator

Artificial Intelligence is coming for your sales job.

Here’s what you need to know to thrive.


DJ Sebastian, an elite seller of advanced technologies, offers an insightful guide to the upcoming revolution in selling and how new technology trends will affect your career. He also shares an in-depth approach that sales professionals must use to remain relevant during this transformation.

The Selling Revolution broadcasts an advance warning that technologies driven by Artificial Intelligence will dramatically disrupt the future careers of business-to-business sales professionals. This book also features valuable insights and advice shared by many other elite sellers that will enable you to succeed in this new world, including:

  • Understanding the impact Artificial Intelligence will have on the sales profession and how to survive this new competitive threat.
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and related tools to increase your productivity, sales, and effectiveness.
  • Learning the personal and attitudinal traits that are key to becoming an elite seller and stay on top.
  • Implementing the top selling strategies that are key to achieving your career and financial goals.