Interview on the SELL OR DIE Podcast

with Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gitomer

It was an honor to appear on the outstanding SELL OR DIE podcast, hosted by “King of Sales” Jeffrey Gitomer and “Sell in a NY Minute” Jennifer Gitomer.

Find Jeffrey And Jennifer on Instagram at @Jeffreygitomer @JenInAnyMinute .

We discuss:
– How can we use AI to make us better in our field?
– Will AI come for our sales jobs?
– Artificial intelligence in the workforce, and the dramatic impact AI will have on the near future. 


Interview on The Triv Show – WTAM 1100


“The Triv Show” Interview on WTAM 1100 Cleveland. Radio listeners in Northeast Ohio will know “Triv” as Mike Trivisonno, a dynamic, veteran radio personality, who is often referred to as “Mister Know-It-All.”

During this interview with Triv, DJ Sebastian discusses how Artificial Intelligence will transform the workforce (including in sales), potentially eliminating millions of jobs.

You can find the replay of this Triv Show episode at the following link:

NOTE: This iHeart radio audio contains the entire Triv radio show. To skip to my interview with Triv, select the slider near the “PLAY” button and advance to the 146th minute.

Secrets of Success Podcast – with Bill Horan


“Secrets of Success” podcast host, Bill Horan and DJ Sebastian, author of THE SELLING REVOLUTION, discuss what artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is, how A.I. will disrupt our world, why how we respond to A.I. is crucial, what are the new customer buying trends, and how the cognitive engine can simulate the human thinking process.




Beyond Confidence Podcast – with Divya Parekh


“Beyond Confidence” podcast host, Divya Parekh and DJ Sebastian, author of THE SELLING REVOLUTION, discuss “Artificial Intelligence and US” as they unravel Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) presence in today’s world and how it will impact the job market of the future. 

Currently, communication skills that humans have triumphs over AI. DJ specifically shares techniques to excel as a sales person even in the presence of AI.


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