Need Your B2B Sales Team to Sell More? Here’s how…


 “Elite Sellers know that Great Communication Skills are essential
for success in B2B sales”

Are you concerned about achieving your sales quota, because your sales team struggles to generate enough sales revenue to hit your numbers?

If so, you aren’t alone. According to a recent report, only 28% of sales professionals expect to meet or exceed their quota this year.

Early in my sales career, I knew very little about articulating a powerful selling message. Initially, I had no roadmap for success in B2B sales.

So, I studied the approach of those who were experts in productive sales conversations. I closely watched my peers who mastered these techniques. I did the work needed to prepare for every customer interaction.

I learned from my mistakes (oh I made every mistake possible) and to get better every day.

I learned the key factors in building good customer relationships, motivating the customer to action, and advancing sales opportunities.

To become a top producer in the competitive world of B2B sales, I devised powerful communication techniques and strategies to captivate customers, get them excited about the possibilities, and win more deals. Now, these proven strategies are available as part of my innovative training program.

But maybe your team is not struggling. Maybe you are in a strong position to hit your sales quota and you are looking for ways to enable your sales team to absolutely crush your quota.

Whether it’s struggling to make your quota or over-achieving to crush your quota…

The problem with acquiring new sales skills through training is that the lessons are often forgotten soon after the training is completed.

In fact, research shows that 87% of new skills are lost within a month of sales training. Newly learned skills don’t become habits if they are not applied as part of a daily selling process.

When B2B Sales Leaders struggle to achieve their quota it’s often because their sales teams have difficulty advancing and winning deals. Reasons include:

  1. Sales teams might lack good communication skills that are required to build good customer relationships and engage the customer in productive sales conversations.
  2. Having deals stall or get delayed because your offer is not compelling – this can occur when the sales team does not articulate a strong value proposition for moving forward.
  3. Losing to competition because the customer does not see a difference – this can occur when the sales team does not clearly differentiate their solution or articulate how they are unique. 
  4. Your sales team’s funnel does not contain enough qualified prospective customers. Your team may not be qualifying prospective customers well and tend to waste sales cycles on prospective customers who are not good candidates to buy your solution. But your organization likely spends a lot of time and resources to generate quality leads… don’t let weak followup efforts waste those leads.
  5. Sales teams may not collaborate well or share their strategies, especially regarding customer communications. Top performing salespeople might not share their key communication approaches with less experienced or below-average sales performers. This makes it difficult for the entire sales team to excel and jeopardizes the Sales Leader’s ability to achieve quota.
  6. Under-performing salespeople tend to look elsewhere for employment. Hiring new replacements is an expensive process and leads to delays and reduced sales revenue being generated.


Makes sense, right?

Many of the problems sales teams suffer from are centered around the lack of good communication skills.

Luckily, I’ve discovered the solution to this problem…

Great Communication skills are essential for success in B2B sales. Developing these skills is key for sales teams to build strong customer relationships, advance more sales opportunities, and win more deals.

Sales Leaders will have a greater opportunity to achieve and exceed their quota and build high-producing teams because their sales teams have learned powerful communication strategies they can apply in every customer interaction. This includes the following:

1. Sales teams will build stronger relationships with their customers and engage them in productive sales conversations.

2. Sales teams will ensure that their conversations are engaging and compel the customer to take action which will help advance sales opportunities.

3. Sales teams will articulate a strong value proposition to keep sales opportunities on track and reduce the possibility of having deals stall or getting delayed.

4. Sales teams will differentiate their solutions and articulate where they are unique which helps them win against their competition.

5. Sales teams will build and maintain strong funnels through good practices that generate qualified prospective customers. This will reduce wasted sales cycles by not spending time on unqualified prospective customers.

6. Sales teams will have access to tools that will enable them to share their experiences and collaborate well with each other, especially regarding customer communications. Less experienced salespeople can gain knowledge that Elite performers share, which increases the effectiveness of the entire sales team. Promoting this type of teamwork will instill a bond between sales team members and reduce the number of salespeople who will pursue other career opportunities.


Sales Team members can benefit by applying the techniques and strategies from my program regardless of experience level.

  1. Salespeople who are already high-performing, experienced sales professionals might just need a few more innovative tactics to fine-tune their message and elevate their skills to an even higher level. Most of these high-performers are always looking for that new tool or new technique that will help them achieve even better results.
  1. Salespeople with less experience, in a new role, or in danger of missing their quota, can gain a strong foundation by applying new skills that have been utilized by other Elite Sellers. They can reinforce the learnings, so they become a habit and accelerate their path to success.


Our program contains a proven system and a repeatable process to guide customer communication for maximum impact. The proven techniques are documented in a playbook. This playbook should be considered a living document that includes the best practices and examples that allow for quickly building a powerful message. The playbook enables personalization and provides positive reinforcement so that innovative concepts can be retained.

Sales Leaders and Sales Teams will have the opportunity to achieve and crush their quotas and learn skills that will enable them to attain even greater success in their careers.


Now obviously, that’s easier said than done, right?

Normally, you can’t make huge strides in enhancing sales performance without extensive sales training and real-world experience.

That’s why I’ve created a complete program to help your sales team enhance their communication skills so they can achieve greater success. I call it the Winning Customer Connection System™.

Whether your sales team consists of experienced or novice sales professionals, they can make significant improvement in their performance in a very short period of time. They can even apply some of the proven techniques on their very next sales call.


If you’d like, let’s hop on a quick phone call together to see if this program is right for you and your team.

Just send me an email at [email protected] to request a time for us to talk.


During this call, we’ll look at putting together a plan for your team to engage more customers, advance more sales opportunities, and win more deals. We can discuss what your best next steps would be if you decide to pursue this strategy.

Spots are limited, and there’s zero obligation to work with me… but if we do end up being a fit…

I’ll invite you and your team to become a client so your team can quickly benefit from my proven customer communication system to win more deals and generate more sales revenue.

Look forward to speaking with you!

DJ Sebastian

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